The Unreal World


Role-playing and survival in Medieval Finland


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The Unreal World is an extraordinary role-playing game where, instead of being set in an epic fantasy world with dragons, manticores and dark warriors, it is set in the middle of Finland during the Iron Age.

The game mechanics are very similar to those of the traditional 'roguelike' games: your primary objective is to survive, even though the only way to really end the game is to die. Even so, The Unreal World is special, because you can play however you want.

In The Unreal World, the players can choose what they want their character to do: fisherman, trader, hunter, potter, explorer... the possibilities are endless for each type of character. Also, rather than have 'classes' of characters, you will find a long list of skills that you can hone that will allow you to perform different actions.

One of the most striking aspects of The Unreal World is that, aside from its impressive retro graphics, the game uses photos of real people (the developers themselves) to illustrate some of the more important moments in the game.

The Unreal World is a fantastic role-playing and survival game that has literally thousands of possibilities, since scenes are generated randomly every time you start a game.
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